Going Primal… kinda

I’ve literally been sick for 3 1/2 weeks. It started off with a scratchy throat, then moved to my chest and lastly, like usual, ended up in my sinuses. ANOTHER sinus infection. boo hoo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ that makes two sinus infections, 2 cold sores and 2 horribly stiff necks since November. I’m sad about that.

So I’ve added some serious changes in my life (previous to this last sinus infection)

  • One was the vitamin Lysine, to help ward off the cold sores,
  • another was no sugar, or no sweets in my food. (trying to be as clean as possible in my eating)
  • lastly, I’ve added Braggs Apple cider vinegar to my daily intake

So, when this latest sinus infection sprang up, I was discouraged!

A friend posted an article on her Facebook about how allergens in the air don’t really cause “allergies” in humans, it’s just that our immune systems aren’t fighting the allergens – meaning there is a deficiency there. It just got me thinking about how I’ve been on zyrtec or claritin for so long, it’s just being a band-aid, whenever I get off, I get all sneezy, then a sinus infection. In this article, it said one of the best things to do to build of up your immune system is to get rid of grains in your diet. Not just be gluten-free, but rid your body of all grains. Seems a little obnoxious and scary all at once, right???? But after feeling sick and yucky for too long, its well worth the challenge.

So, I’m up to my two-week mark or eliminating grains from my diet and I’ll be honest, I feel amazing! I have to make most of my food from scratch, but that has been awesome too! (I’m not much of a cook) fortunately for me, there are so many recipes out there to help people who are grain free. Mostly Paleo people (those that follow a primal diet) are completely grain free, they are also completely dairy free, which I am not, but if I get sick again during this experiment, I may try the no dairy thing. Just to see… just to see… like I said, there’s so many recipes and eating plans available to grain-free eaters, its fun and challenging and I’m getting the hang of it. Not to mention, I feel great. I was able to get rid of my sinus infection without antibiotics. YAY!

Anyways, here’s to primal eating and building up my immune system and to NO MORE SINUS INFECTIONS!!!!

Hopefully I’ll have a good update soon. I’m trying this out for 45 days, and we are in the peak of “allergy season” – hoping and praying for no more sickness.


My “splurge”

My splurge of the month:


I saw these in the store and thought, “seriously??? Who would buy those for $.50 a piece? What a waste.” When really, I wanted to buy them. Probably because I was hungry and it’s never good to go to the store when your hungry… But also because I love that all the work is done. And I really love hard boiled eggs…

I was a little embarrassed to bring them home. It’s so against everything I (I= Gillespies) believe in!! We are workers! We are disciplined!! We are planners and stick to our lists and we WIN! (winning= not caving for the pre-packaged hard boiled eggs…)
Yeah, the eggs and fresh and easy won. And then my mom laughed as I embarrassingly showed her what I bought on my “splurge”. And then said, if that’s your splurge, then you’re not doing too bad Amy. So funny. Great perspective mom ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously, how awesome is it that I can buy 6 hard boiled and already peeled eggs?!? Best day ever.

I love Southern Cal

Last weekend I was doing this:


This is me almost puking after a really hard mountain bike ride. Someone brought that chair up to the trail, which I think is hilarious! They must’ve known we would need a little rest on those hills… Please note the tank top and extremely sunny day!!

Two days after that picture… We wake up to this:


I love southern California!!!

The Green Goddess

It all started with the green goddess. That and my super fun friend, Linsey. We were at her ย house to “play” – which means, we leave the kids to play with the babysitter and we go do crazy crossfit workouts, run in 5k’s and eat healthy for 24 hours! (It really did go down like that).

But she said, via text before we got to her house, “I’ll have a green goddess ready for you when you get here!”

Sure enough, there it was, waiting in all its green glory, ready to be drinken up. It was a little bit of heaven – if you like, kale, spinach, parsley and lemon. I never knew I liked all of those together, until I had the green goddess. And now we are hooked.

Thank you Lins and thank you Vitamix! Oh and really, thank you mom, since its her Vitamixer!!

This morning we made our breakfast smoothie, which consisted of almond milk, raw almonds, raw oats, carrot, banana, kale, spinach, apple, orange, blueberries and strawberries. I feel so earthy, and I love it – even Malina loves it! She’s walking around with a green milk mustache as I write this.


Here’s to the fun of the Vitamixer! Happy Sunday!

After a year hiatus….

I’m kinda thinking I miss blogging!

I’m ready to start writing down my thoughts again. I took a year off and what a great year it’s been!

My first thought coming back is this:

I love CROSSFIT because it exposes my WEAKNESSES and I love that!!

We live in this funny kind of world where people can post whatever they want on the internet and let people into only parts of their life, and it can seem so perfect and controlled. I kinda hate that. I want real! I want the knitty gritty of life. Going through the hard things only makes life better!! (once your through it)

This morning when I was working out, I really wanted to cry, and kinda barf. (totally had that gurgling in my throat… you know what I mean) It was kinda awesome… when I was DONE! haha! I still train Crossfit and use Crossfit techniques, and after that workout this morning, I realized it is a living example of giving up control and letting the pain happen and let my weaknesses completley show through. When its over, I love it. And I love that it makes me stronger.

Whether its a workout, friendships, or being a mom, I feel like we, as humans, stay in this place thats comfortable, where our weaknesses aren’t exposed, and life can move forward being totally smooth, no complications. How do we grow in those areas? For me, my weaknesses have to be exposed. I have to be ok with asking for help, or realizing that I am not by any means perfect, or even good at most things. Jesus, in the Bible even says, “My power is made perfect in your weakness.” So, I just do crafts. Because I TOTALLY SUCK AT DOING CRAFTS WITH MY KIDS. Then my weaknesses are completely exposed. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s why I love crossfit, its a tangible example of exposing my weaknesses… I can think I’m all good at running, but tell me to do some overhead squats with heavy weights, and I want to cry. Its awesome and because of that, I’m always humbled, asking for help… mostly from Chip. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a sprititual level, I want my weaknesses always exposed so I can grow and keep moving towards the woman God wants me to be. I still have a long life to live and a lot of growing to do – especially as a mama!! But also as a friend, a wife, a sister and a daughter…

Anyways, just getting back to this blogging thing, kinda fun to write my thoughts down again!

Have a great day!!

Good bye

Hello there internet and people who read this blog.

After some thought, I’ve decided I’m not going to be blogging anymore. I looked into closing this blog out altogether, but decided against it, as it would delete everything I’ve written over the last 2 1/2 years. This blog was the only place I took to write during some crazy times of life and I’m not ready to delete it.

It’s just time to simplify, spend less time on the computer and spend more time with my family! This is in no form a judgement on anyone else and their blogging – I still love reading everyone’s blogs… and who knows, maybe I’ll come back to it after a while!! Just for me, right now, it’s time.

Love to all that is out there internet!!!


Let Lent begin!

As opposed to last year, I actually thought and prayed over Lent this year – before Fat Tuesday even came around! Whoo-hoo!!

Living with my parents is really like community living. We eat breakfast in the morning (all 7 of us) and dinner too! So my mom and I are both in the kitchen and doing the grocery shopping together, it really is so fun (and I’ve learned SO MUCH about cooking in the last two months!) because we are doing this life together, I asked my parents what they thought about all of us giving up “treats” for Lent. So we all prayed about it on our own and have decided to give it up! I’m excited, I was really challenged last year during Lent. And I wanted to do something even more sacrificial (I really like treats) and how cool to do it as a group. ย So that is what we are doing. Also, I’m hoping it will just set the scene in the house for the kids to continue to eat healthy, clean and not ask for junk. So its going to be a challenge on all levels. And ultimately, I’m prayerful that the challenge will bring me closer to Christ, which really is the whole purpose for the period of Lent.

I continue to feel blessed to be here. We woke up to snow about two weeks ago, but it seems like spring is springing into action now as the mornings are just amazing buds are blooming, the days are getting longer and I’ll be honest to say that I’m excited to actually experience spring (70ish degree temps here in CA) versus the 90 degree temps in AZ right now! I don’t mind keeping a sweatshirt on for a few more months. NOT TO COMPARE OR ANYTHING – just finding the good in where we are ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve run into some high school friends which has been fun! And I made my kids appointment with a pediatrician out here – only to realize she was MY pediatrician too! I love stuff like that. I’m also still in the system at the medical clinic, as Amy Gillespie, which is hilarious. I have to bring in proof of my “new name.” ๐Ÿ™‚ love it!

and I just have to end this post with this girl. I LOVE THIS TOOTHLESS GIRL!!! She has grown up so much in the last few month. What a joy, what a helper, what a little love she is. She has my heart!! I thank God for all my kids, they are a blessing!

1 month

We’ve been in California for a month now and it’s definitely feeling like home!

Here are some of the things we’ve done in the month we’ve lived here:

  • LOTS of mountain bike rides! There is this amazing trailhead right across the street from my parents house, which leads to so many trail options. So we hit the trail up multiple times a week.
  • Trail running! I try to get on the same trail that we bike on a couple of times a week with my vibrams. I tell you, it is so exhilarating to be in nature, running single track trails with the feeling of being barefoot!!! I come home after every run almost squealing in excitement!
  • Family time! LOTS of family time! Its been really neat for us to just be together as a family. The kids went through a time when they really missed their friends, (us too!!) but they are having so much fun playing with each other and having adventures outside, I feel like we’ve all become so much closer. I love it.
  • The Rock Church! We attend an inner city style mega church in the ghetto of San Bernardino! whoo-hoo! We are LOVING it! It is so different from where we came and it is so great to sit with Chip and have my parents and their friends there with us too. The biggest impact on me was one Sunday when a lady led in a reggaeย style worship song! I was SO excited ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of the things I’ve learned this last month.

  • I believe God can use anything, anytime and anyone to bring us closer to him. And there is such joy we’ve experienced in this last month – we still talk about all that happened in the last few years, but it feels so good to have moved on from it, and most importantly to be CHANGED from it.
  • I can’t believe the impact my mom has on me. I am SO GLAD I get to raise my kids by her. Sometimes I sit here and think, wow, I can’t believe almost 7 years went by when we only saw my parents like 6 -10 times a year. The need for mature, Godly, loving women to help direct me and just encourage me as I am a mom myself is something I didn’t realize I needed. I just need my mom.
  • I have faith in God’s healing power. Chip’s back had a setback this week, and we still can’t get him health insurance (b/c of his diabetes) – so dr’s visits aren’t an option, but we didn’t sit here in worry! Chip will be ok! We will all be ok! And that is so freeing to sit here and live and believe it!
  • The morning paper/coffee breakfast time with 7 people is a blast! I mean, it starts at 6am, but I tell you, there is nothing better than coming down my parent’s stairs with my baby and seeing my dad there, then everyone else trickle down to the table by 7am! I’m never alone and it’s just always fun!

I feel like I’m a little bit in a waiting game relationally, if that makes sense. I left AZ, a place being so filled with friends and kids and activities galore! I’m hesitant to just jump in! I feel like God will bring me to the right place at the right time and the people that He wants in my life – as long as I make myself available. So that is what I’m working on personally!

More updates soon!!! Blessings to you!




I slept 12 hours last night. On Friday night, I slept 11 hours. (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT)
I just think it’s crazy that I have the ability to sleep that long!
It made me think about the last year and a half… I don’t think I ever felt at peace enough to take a nap, or go to bed at night until I knew my kids were asleep in their own beds.
I am at peace now. Joy is back! My husband is healthy, my kids are happy. And if I fall asleep on the couch, I know someone is there to take the kids up to their beds. Its a great feeling.
Happy Monday to you ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to Yucaipa

We have made our home in Yucaipa!

True, it has been less than a week, but it definitely feels great.

I could not wait to leave Yucaipa as soon as I was old enough to head out to college. That is exactly what I did – I left for San Diego my freshman year of college and came back one summer to live here, then never returned. I love that coming back 13 years later, I have no feeling of “moving backwards.” Yucaipa is beautiful! And I love that the first morning I was out with Cana figuring out her school situation, I ran into two people I knew, at two different locations! I love it!

We are figuring out our schedule. Life is different here! Cana’s school is a 10 minute drive and she has AM Kinder here. Here she is going to school on her first day.

She wasn’t too happy about leaving Mrs. Cruz and all her friends. I don’t blame her at all. She had such a fun class and teacher at Power Ranch… but she made it through her first week. I’m just praying that she will meet some sweet friends like in AZ. I know that will come with time.

There have been so many thoughts about the fact that we are living with my parents. Getting through this first week, all I can say is that it is so fun! I’m not up alone with the kids in the early morning, and Papa and Tete are always so happy to see the kids anytime! (and the kids are just as excited!!) I just maintain the fact that I’m Mom, mostly for the sheer fact of keeping that loving and unique relationship strong between my parents and their grandkids.

The biggest affirmation of us moving here is Chip’s take on it all. He LOVES it here. There are huge snow-capped mountains in the background, all the time. The nights are cold, the days are warm, and there are these amazing hills and a trailhead right across the street from my parents door! It was when Chip said “I just feel ALIVE here” that I knew, however hard this move was, it was the best thing we could do.

We feel blessed to share this time with my parents and just be close to them and the rest of our family. We obviously miss all of our friends and family in AZ, our neighborhood and all those silly little boys in particular… but we are praying that we will find that here. In time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some other pictures of life thus far:

We are officially out of the desert. We are moving forward and looking forward to what God has for us on this side!